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Purpule wax beans: less messy and easy to use 

Hello beuties, 

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Hair removal of unwanted  hair from arms, legs, underarms, upper lips or cheek bones,  some time get more hectic when we are in hurry and runnig let put of time or travelling some where out of place and it became more challenging  that how we look good and wax all this things with out difficulties. 

Even i also face the same problem before when i am out of station and not get proper salon for waxing and that weird hairy hand and legs.  Some times i used that wax strips which available at market but we need 4 to 5 pack of that stripes and removal creams became messier if we want hand and legs waxing.  And also some times tiny hair not get remove and we ended up with mess. So here i share best way to wax by your self which is most easy and convenient also. 

              📓 Lets get started 📓

Ingredients :

  • Purple wax beans(*purchase link at end of blog) best at nykaa
  • Electric heater(* purchase link at end of blog)  / use any home made  doble boiler technique 
  • Spetula

                   💅How to Use💅

Step 1: take appropriate amount of wax beans in heater or DIY double boilng  of yor choice and leave it into them till all the wax beans melting properly. 

Step 2: after that wax melted take a spetula and apply that wax on to the desire area. 

Step 3: leaving this wax on area till it became dry out some what (it oly take 1 to 2 min) and than simply pull it off. And its done. (*this is best waxing because you don’t  need any other cloth or any thing to pulling out this wax). You can use this wax on any of body part which have unwanted  hair. 

Step 4 : after completing  all the waxing simply wash with water and apply any body gel of your choice or simple alovera  gel. 

                     📨 Secret Tip📨

  • If your skin is sensitive  and get irritation or rash aftr waxing even if you done in salon also
  • Take ice cube and rubbing  it over wax done area.  You seen diffrance by your self. 

                 🔗 Product Link 🔗 

  • Purple wax beans :


  • Electric wax heater :


  • After waxing soothing oil :



        👋  Bye Bye for now👋       

   Hope you guys find it usefull and enjoy it. stay connected for more intresting try this and share your personal experience with  me Via comments or mail. 

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